Coat of Arms

A new Coat of Arms for Neuzelle’s new Monastery

On founding the priorate canonically on September 2, 2018, the founding monks of Neuzelle, presided by the first prior Fr. Simeon Wester, took a new coat of arms for the monastery. Designed according to heraldic rules, the coat of arms is supposed to be simple, yet narrative in order to express the history and the character of the new monastery. We’re grateful for the phantastic support of heraldic expert Werner Rudolf Mader zu Herbede, who designed our new coat of arms.


In Gold a red cross bottony, glazed with a silver St. James’s scallop. 


The cross bottony is a continous part of the Neuzelle Abbots’ coat of arms during the baroque time. The scallop, seen in the center of the cross as an attribute of our human pilgrimage and St James, patron of the cathedral of Görlitz, is taken from the third field of Wolfgang Ipolt’s coat of arms, who initiated the foundation of the monastery as bishop of Görlitz. The scallop also hints to the diocesan coat of arms.

The gothic blazon refers to the gothic blazons of Bishop Wolfgang Ipolt and the coat of arms of Stift Heiligenkreuz. The colors red and gold are also the heraldic colors of Neuzelle’s new mother abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz. Both Neuzelle and Heiligenkreuz show a gothic blazon and a red cross in gold.