What is a convent? What is a priorate?


Since September 2, 2018, Neuzelle has a dependent priorate of the Cistercian Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz in Austria. Neuzelle is the youngest of Heiligenkreuz’s three priorates. A dependent priorate is an affiliation that belongs completely to the mother abbey. The Abbot of the mother abbey is the responsible superior for all monks living in a dependent priorate. Every priorate has two superiors who are appointed by Father Abbot: the prior and the subprior. In Neuzelle, the convent is currently formed by six monks, from left to right:

(c)Dante Busquets/Zisterzienserpriorat Neuzelle.

  • Br. Aloysius Maria Zierl OCist
  • Fr. Subprior Kilian Müller OCist
  • Fr. Isaak Maria Käfferlein OCist
  • Fr. Prior Simeon Wester OCist
  • Fr. Konrad Ludwig OCist
  • Fr. Alberich Maria Fritsche OCist